Assamese girl Karishma Baruah to make her debut in Kannada film

Assamese girl Karishma Baruah landed the leading role in a Kannada film titled Khanana. Karishma, currently based in Bangalore, hails from the upper Assam town of Doomdooma. Khanana will be her acting debut along with the lead actor Aryavardan. Khanana, a romantic suspense thriller, literally means digging and cultivating.

Radha, the director of the film, and his crew approached Karishma through Facebook and asked her is she interested in acting and requested to appear for an audition. Soon after the audition she landed the leading role. The film was picturized in various locations of Karnataka and Kerala and the production house is planning to release it also in Telegu and Tamil along with Kannada by end of this year.

Check out the first look of the film here:

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