These 5 Dialogues From The Trailer of Dur Make Us Want to Watch The Movie Right Now

When director Kangkan Rajkhowa and cinematographer Biplab Jyoti Doley joined forces together, magic happened and you can see it in the first trailer of Dur. The visuals, the musics, and the dialogues all play together to give us the memorable trailer, which is not a usual case for an Assamese film. More than anything, the poetic dialogues got our attention. So many beautiful dialogues in just the 2 minute trailer, then imagine how the whole film will be.

According to the production team, Dur is a story about love, relationships and most importantly realizations. Realizations about what should have been or shouldn’t have been, realizations of our acts.

We break it down the five dialogues that made us want to watch the movie right now:



Transliteration: Ei xukan paatbure ejupa gosor atit, gotike he gossor tol eri kot jabo. Protijupa gosor itihax ei paatburei bohon kori ase.
Translation: These dead leaves are the past of a tree, where will they go leaving their place of origin. These dead leaves holds the story of every single tree.



Transliteration: Ei muhurtot, ei xomoyot, xosa hol je ami duyu eyat, xosa hol je moi tumak bhal pau aru tumi muk.
Translation: At this moment, at this hour, the truth is that we are here together, the truth is I love you and you love me.



Transliteration: Mur logot xomporko thoka obosthat aan ejon manuhor bukur um loboloi juwatu bonsona nohoi ki hoi!
Translation: Even after being in a relationship with me how could you go looking for the warmth of someone else’s arms? Isn’t this infidelity?



Transliteration: Tumitu xurjudoy Manab. Tumar puhorere tumi xokoluke puhorabo para. Nijor jiwontuk nuwariba?
Translation: You are a sunshine Manab.Your aura can shine anyone’s life. Can’t you shine yours?



Transliteration: Etiyare pora hoitu protitu din protitu khyon ami amar majot xundor bhabe labh korim. Pahori jam xokolu tiktotapurno atitok. Etiyare pora amar majot thakibo matro hanhi, anando, prem aru prem.
Translation: From now on everyday every moment of our life we will stay happily ever after and make our life more beautiful. Will forget all our bitter experiences, from now on the only things that will remain between us will be laughter, happiness, love and love.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, watch it here.

Honestly, the translated English versions cannot really justify the poetic expressions that the originals have. We are very excited to see this Udayan Duarah and Amrita Gogoi starrer film on screen. What do you think? Live us your views in comments below.

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