10 Indigenous Ingredients that Make Assamese Food so Special

Assamese cuisines are prepared mostly with locally available ingredients, which makes it standout from cuisines of rest of india. We Assamese try to utilize and make of best use of every ingredients available. Here are some special indigenous ingredients that makes us crave for Assamese food:

1. Khar

A traditional meal in Assam begins with khar, indigenous soda or alkali prepared from dried trunk or roots of aatheya kol. Who can say no to omitar khar!


2. Posola

Each and every part of a banana tree is edible and nothing gets thrown away. Apart from preparing khar, Posola, the trunk of banana tree is used as key ingredient to prepare various delicacies.

Posola, Trunk of Banana tree

3. Koldil

Another ingredient that we get from banana tree is koldil, the banana flower. Koldili with pigeon meat is a dish that has a special place in our hearts.

Koldil Banana Flower

4. Kochur Loti

Kochur loti aru thur, the root and baby leaves of Taro plant is another ingredient we can’t get enough of when prepared with small tomatoes. Sometimes it leaves behind an itchy feeling, but that is nothing compared to the taste and flavour of it.

Kosur Loti Assamese Ingredient

5. Khorisa

Khorisa, bamboo shoot, is one of the most well known and loved ingredients. Khorisa or bahor gaj not only finds its place in northeastern cuisines, but also in the cuisines of east Asia and southeast Asia.

Khorisa or Bamboo Shoot

6. Dhekiya

Dhekiya xaak or Fiddlehead fern can either be enjoyed as a side dish when cooked with guti aloo or as main course when prepared with gahori or pork.

Fiddlehead fern or dhekiya xaak

7. Outenga

The tangy taste of outenga or elephant apple makes a perfect summer ingredient that can go along with any daal. Who can forget the pleasure of slurping on to a piece of outenga with aloo pitika dail bhat!

Elephent Apple Outenga

8. Amlori Tup

A special occasion need a special ingredient. Amlori tup or red ant eggs are perfect for a day like goru bihu. Amlori tupor bhaji with a glass of xaaj is perfect to kick start the week long celebration of Rongali bihu.

Red ant eggs Amlori tup

9. Polu Leta

Polu leta or silkworm pupae is full of nutrients and makes a perfect appetizer when stir fried.


10. Xamuk

Xamuk or snail is an exotic food enjoyed in many parts of the world as well as in Assam. Snail is a rich source of protein and can be found in many local freshwater sources.

Xamuk or Snail

What is your favourite among these? Did we miss anything you like? Let us know in the comment section and happy craving.

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons@MealTango on Twitter, LonelyPlanet

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