New platform launched to stream Assamese films

It’s been more than 80 years since the first Assamese feature film was released, but still we lack in many areas when it comes to our once beloved film industry. Once of such area is lack of online presence. Let’s admit it, we have all Googled once in our life in search of online Assamese films and got disappointed. Hopefully the disappointment will come to an end as a new streaming service exclusively for Assamese films has been launched recently.

Cinemas of Assam, an online paid streaming service for Assamese films is aiming to widen the reach of Assamese films by targeting global audience. The platform will stream films in high definition with English subtitle and also provide revenue opportunities directly to the filmmakers. They are also capable of delivering films to other streaming services such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Netflix. The platform is also open for submitting a film.

Currently it is streaming only one Assamese film: Marksheet directed by Ratan Sil Sarma. You can watch the film for US$ 4.99. Once purchased the film will be available to watch for 3 days. Marksheet will be marked as the first Assamese film to have a commercial online release before its theatrical release. The film library is expected to grow soon. Hopefully this platform will play a vital role in promoting films from this region and much needed space for indie filmmakers.

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